Ghosthunter:Redneck Ghost Snipers

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Redneck Ghost Snipers
Shock Jumps Card stats
Type Astral
Fear factor 6
Size 6'2''
Armament 6
Intelligence 5
Hunting skill 7
Age 26
Behind the scenes
Appears in Ghosthunter
"Haunting the derelict remains of the swamped town of Oakville, these 'ghosts' use the trees and buildings as cover to fight from."
Shock Jumps Card Description

Redneck Ghost Snipers are common enemies found in the Swamps. They are astral projections rather than actual ghosts, meaning they cannot be captured and instead have to be eliminated by force.


Redneck Snipers are very tribal-looking entities, sporting ragged fur capes with their chest exposed and wear tooth necklaces, with hoof-like boots. Their most distinguishing feature is their rotting skull masks, seeming to be from a bison. They have hollow eyes and appear semi-corporal. Their forms seem to distort with static and can be very hard to make out most of their features from afar, but can be observed more detailed through the Spectral Goggles or the Sniper Rifle.


Snipers are very militant in behavior, being one of the first groups of entities that Lazarus faces that use tactic strategies to attack opponents that simply rushing forward to attack. They are often heard giving commands to each other (which is somewhat humorous in hindsight considering how they all derive from the same physical being) and will take cover and evade attacks much like how Lazarus would.

This can be seen as an early introduction to the types of enemies in the game that Lazarus will face later on but will require capture, such as the Infantry on the H.M.S. Victoria.

They take up to 3-4 hits to deal with, and will only take 2 headshots to take down.

The most effective weapon against them is the Sniper Rifle.