Ghosthunter:Guide book

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Welcome to the Official Guided Tour of Devil's Scar Penitentiary - the world's most infamous island. We promise you a fun day out discovering the truth behind the legends, and if you behave, we'll even allow you to do what all those inmates dreamed of.. to LEAVE THE ISLAND, with a glass of champagne thrown in!
Sit in Old Smoky, the nation's most prolific electric chair, see the cell which housed Frank Agglin, find out how the deadly riots were sparked in '53.
Listen to the voice of Warden MacCarthy and then comes your own chance to turn the 'lights out, losers'.

And of course, you'll explore the mystery of the century - did Joey 'Houdini' Holbrook actually escape? Follow in his footsteps and find out for yourself.
The Devil's Scar ghosts, a stroll down Death Row and Frank Agglin's 'Flame-Grilled' Burger Bar all lie ahead.. and guess what?