Ghosthunter:Lady De Montford

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Lady De Montford
Biographical information
Gender Female
Shock Jumps Card stats
Type Ghost
Fear factor 2
Size 5'8''
Armament 2
Intelligence 6
Hunting skill 3
Age 56
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Veronica Hart
Appears in Ghosthunter
"Lady De Montford hides in her crumbling Manor House fearful of redneck attack. She knows more than she is willing to tell."
Shock Jumps Card Description

Lady De Montford is a character in Ghosthunter. It is believed that she killed herself after her son's death at the hands of the Swamp Phantom. Ever since then, she has wreaked havoc on the town of Oakville in her ghostly rage by kidnapping children from the town, and killing them. This is likely how The Daughters of Oakville and Sons of Oakville came to be.