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Montsaye High School was an educational institution in Detroit.


Montsaye High was an educational institution in Detroit that was closed down due to the, dubbed, 'Detroit School Murders' in 11th of November, 2001. Due to the victims showing no traces of marks on them, making it impossible to determine a cause of death it was essentially regarded as a cold case, with only a single lead: Professor Peter Brook.

Although Brook was the main suspect in this case, it is seen (in a slideshow) and later discussed that Sir William Hawksmoor was responsible for the murders. Professor Peter Richmond went under the pseudonym of Brook whilst teaching at the school and upon returning to find that Hawksmoor had carried out the murders and stolen the body of Kate Heller he decided to seal shut the Array and attempt to build a gate to leave without arising suspicion.

The school was scheduled to be demolished following its closure but demolition workers refused to complete this due to hearing voices when inside. The Detroit Police Department took every call regarding the school seriously and would investigate, what they thought, were prank calls and workers with over-active imaginations.




  • There is a poster of a woman in a bikini on a wall, Lazarus will look and whistle at the poster as he walks past.

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