Ghosthunter:Sir William Hawksmoor

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Sir William Hawksmoor
Biographical information
AKA Lord Hawksmoor
The Royal Hawk
The Black Hawk
Hawkface (by Lazarus)
Worm Boy (by Lazarus)
Gender Male
Born 13th century
Shock Jumps Card stats
Type Ghost
Fear factor 7
Size 6'5''
Armament 4
Intelligence 9
Hunting skill 8
Age 536
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Michael Gambon
Appears in Ghosthunter
"A former knight of the bloody Crusades this Machiavellian ghost is driven by a lust for power and yearns for immortality in human flesh."
Shock Jumps Card Description

Sir William Hawksmoor, also known as Lord Hawksmoor, is the main antagonist of Ghosthunter.


"A former knight of the Crusades, this Machiavellian ghost is driven by a lust for power and yearns for immortality in human flesh. He will stop at nothing to achieve his aim of re-entering the mortal world."
― Game Booklet Description

Early Life

William Hawksmoor was alive in thirteenth century England and at some point gained a reputation as a fearless Knight, a loyal and brave crusader in service to the King and famed for being valiant, if ruthless. Although praised, many people considered him a dangerous and bloodthirsty warrior.

At some point, he gained the trust of the King and became not only a protector, but also a valued counsellor. The royal court loved the romantic ideals of Hawksmoor and both his charm and wit, causing jealousy and encouraging political enemies to take action. A powerful group plotted to destroy him and forced him into a corner. He drew his sword and insisted the King would avenge such treachery, but he was astonished by the revelation that said monarch arranged everything to destroy Hawksmoor.

A European celebration was named Black Hawk’s Night in his honour. The tradition was considered as significant as Hallowe’en or Mardi Gras, but seen as a dark anniversary where parents refused to leave their children alone for fear of something happening to them. Eventually, it became a more jovial event for families.

At some point, Hawksmoor was within the Arizona Military Base and made its leaders an offer to achieve their goals by removing Professor Richmond and giving Hawksmoor the body of Kate Heller, but Richmond fled with the woman's body and assumed the new identity of Professor Brook.


Hawksmoor is seen running through a forest and into a mysterious castle, carrying the lifeless body of Heller. He is encountered by Richmond, who is determined to rescue her, and a fight ensues. Just as it appears Hawksmoor is victorious and admits to killing ten people at Montsaye High School in order to get Richmond’s attention, the latter attaches the Grenade to Hawksmoor and seals him within the Array.

Sometime later, Hawksmoor is inadvertently released from the Array by Lazarus Jones when he and Anna Steele investigate Montsaye High School and the unsolved murders.



Hawksmoor is a caucasian male with dark eyes, long black hair and very pale skin. He has a large, distinctive scar on the right side of his face running from his forehead to his chin, with some skin torn away from his mouth that reveals his teeth. He wears a long, dark red cloak and heavy, dark armour bearing various fierce creatures and ornate designs; the breastplate displays a golden two-headed eagle.


Hawksmoor is a vengeful, bitter spirit longing for immortality and bears no love for the living, willing to manipulate them at any cost to achieve his goals. His use of charm and wit somewhat hide his cruel side. He is capable of showing gratitude, such as when he mistakenly thanks Anna Steele for releasing him from the Array, although isn’t above manipulating her in order to bait Lazarus Jones. He has a disturbing obsession with the body of Kate Heller, considering her perfect, strong and pretty, “like a butterfly, a moth… to my flame.” He also has a fierce hatred of Professor Richmond for sealing him into the Array.


As a ghost, Hawksmoor is capable of fusing with individuals to give them supranatural sight; he does so with Anna Steele. He is able of recruiting other ghost types to fight for him and can fire yellow energy that causes physical damage.


William is of English origin and comes from the Germanic name Willahelm meaning "will helmet", composed of the elements wil "will, desire" and helm "helmet, protection". Hawksmoor is a combination of the words “hawks” and “moor”. Hawk was originally a name for someone with a hawk-like appearance or acted in a fierce manner, derived from the Old English heafoc "hawk". Moor refers to someone who lives on a moor, from the Middle English mor meaning "open land, bog".


  • “I am a genie, a genie that’s been trapped too long inside a rancid bottle. An unnatural incarceration… a chance for fury to fester…”