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History was made yesterday - the impossible achieved. An inmate escaped from Devil's Scar Island!
The penitentiary which houses the nation's most dangerous criminals, mostly awaiting execution, was believed to be so secure that escape was impossible.
No prisoner has ever been released from Devil's Scar, let alone escaped, but yesterday that all changed.
The prison authorities have confirmed that the inmate in question is Joey 'Houdini' Holbrook, sent to Devil's Scar as a last resort following his daring breakouts from other institutions.
His reputation for being able to get away from any jail earned him his nickname and his transfer to Devil's Scar had been seen as a personal challenge to Warden MacCarthy, renowned for his prison's tough regime and unblemished record.
Warden MacCarthy has been unavailable for comment since the incident.Holbrook's plan was simple yet bold.
The Daily Pacific understands that Holbrook faked illness and was taken to the hospital wing in order to recuperate.
After dark he left his bed and broke into the furnace room. From here he made his way through the Sewer system, emerging on the South beach by the old church where he is assumed to have swum to safety.