Ghosthunter:Redneck Crocodile Warriors

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Redneck Crocodile Warriors
Biographical information
AKA Redneck Hunters
Shock Jumps Card stats
Type Astral
Fear factor 9
Size 6'5''
Armament 6
Intelligence 3
Hunting skill 5
Age 25
Behind the scenes
Appears in Ghosthunter
"Haunting the swamps outside of the deserted town of Oakville, these brutes are strong enough in the mortal world to slice you in two!"
Shock Jumps Card Description

Redneck Crocodile Warriors are enemies encountered in the Swamps. They are astral projections rather than ghosts, therefore are one of the few enemies that can be "killed" rather than captured by the Capture Grenade.


These entities take the form of large, semi-corporal humanoids, dressed in a very similar attire to that of Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. They wear a dirty, bloodied apron with green gloves and wielding a large chainsaw in one hand. They wear a head of an alligator (or at least the top half of one) on their heads in a helmet/mask-like fashion. Occasionally, when observed from underneath, glowing eyes can be spotted in a dark void where their face should be. Behind them they wear the skinned back of a alligator that is attached to the head and even ends with a tail, that trails along behind when this creature lumbers about.


These beings are perhaps one of the most frightening and panic-inducing enemies to fight in the game. Before they appear to attack the player, the rumbling of their chainsaws can be heard before they leap into action, with the occasional roar of an alligator heard as well. They use a basic melee attack (in which they swipe at Lazarus with their chainsaws or attempt to punch Lazarus) or with a devastating charge attack when from a certain distance, where they lunge forward at high speeds with their revving chainsaws. These attacks make them very formidable opponents to deal with.


The best way to deal with these is to gain as much distance as possible and even find some cover, though on very rare occasions they will follow you inside.

Once gained certain distance, blast them with your more powerful weapons (e.g.shotgun or pulse rifle). This may take a while as they have very high health. It usually takes up to 12 or so shotgun blasts to full eradicate one.

Astral Form

These entities are not actual spirits, but rather astral projections created by Junior, one of the two sons of the Redneck Chief, giving reason as to why they tend to fight alongside the Redneck Snipers. They are created from the makeshift Astral Projection machines created by Professor Richmond in an effort to help the Redneck family fight against Lady De Montford and her mutated, undead son, David. Notes on the machine can be found once entering the main family's lair.

In real life, Junior wears a green trucker hat and an alligator jawbone necklace, from which becomes the more horrific-looking alligator head in spirit form. It's most likely this was done on purpose through Junior's subconscious in order to create a more intimidating looking creature.