Primal:Ferai warrior

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The Ferai Warriors are a warrior class of Ferai from Solum.


Although the Ferai were once peaceful, the evil Devena has swayed a large proportion of the Ferai population to align with her chaotic plans. As a result, they will attack Jen on sight. There are four castes of Ferai warrior.

Variants of Ferai warrior

  • Ferai Sentries: These are the most common and are ranked into three categories. Those with Black-Hoods are the strongest, and whilst Red-Hoods are weaker, Sentries in Brown-Hoods tend to be the weakest of all.
  • Ferai Archers: Carrying bows, these Ferai are likely to pick you off from a distance. However if you're close to one, he will attack with a knife.
  • Ferai Troopers: These are similar to the Hooded Infantry, but will also contain a small-shield to defend itself.
  • Ferai Chunks: These are the largest of all Ferai. They have large shields that protect their entire body and are hard to penetrate through.