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Biographical information
Realm Solum
Alignment Order
Behind the scenes
Appears in Primal

The Ferai (フェライ, Ferai) are the race native to Solum. They are aligned with Order.

Ferai Race

Although fierce and rugged in appearance, the Ferai of Solum are fundamentally a good race, aligned with the forces of order. Their clan-like society is based on a violent feudal system, where they are ruled over by their powerful warrior-King, Herne. Physically the Ferai resemble what those living in Mortalis would associate with a satyr or faun, although somewhat crossed with a feline in some aspects. Their bodies are humanoid with feline back legs supporting them, antlers protrude from their skulls. Male Ferai have larger horns than Female Ferai. They are also resourceful hunters.

Ferai Society

Despite their brutal nature, the Ferai are also an artistic and lawful people, governed by a strict warrior code handed down from the throne of Herne. The King himself is not exempt from the Ferai's rules. It is written that when the King reaches the height of his power, he must sacrifice himself and pass the throne to his son, thereby re-energising the land and its people. This has been the way for countless generations, however Herne refuses to relinquish his power - and as he ages and dies, so does the land of Solum.

Notable Ferai

Enemy Ferai

Jen's Ferai Aspect

The first form gained by Jen, which offers increased stamina, strength, agility, and focuses on melee punches and kicks, for close range combat, as well as green claw like energy weapons. This form boosts her speed, which makes it ideal for travelling through the world. It also allows her to jump much higher than her human form, allowing her to overcome obstacles in the game.

The color of her energy in this form is green.