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The Watcher was a Wraith of the helot class.


The Watcher was found guarding Helot civilians in a basement, where he hisses at two approaching figures to leave.

After Jen and Scree uncovered the fugitives, the Watcher reveals himself to them, explaining their plight.

When Jen and Scree plan to deaw out Captain Valeera, the Watcher accompanies them to the well, where he blesses the water and take it to the village square, where the Watcher asks Jen and Scree to make him the 'sacrifice'.

Captain Valeera arrives as planned, and Jen defeats her in combat, though not before some of the guards take the Watcher to the Count and Countess.

The Watcher is encountered alive in the Count's blood room, where after fumbling over the machine's operation, is knocked unconscious by a worried Scree to keep Jen from being bled to death.