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Biographical information
Occupation Embodiment of Order
Realm Nexus
Race Goddess
Gender Female
Allies Scree, Jen, Ferai, Undine
Enemies Abaddon, Wraith, Djinn
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Niki Felstead
Appears in Primal
"Jennifer, if Abaddon gets his way, there will be no Mortalis for you to return to, at least not one you would recognize."
Arella (アレラ, Arera) is the embodied force of Order; the good. She's supported by the demons of the Solum and Aquis realms.

Arella's Physiology

Arella is an immortal form which possesses no solid, physical form. Her elemental manifestations are of beauty; consisting of fluttering butterflies and autumn leaves which then help to show her true face. Her race has been stated only as god, which also applies her her arch nemesis - Abaddon, whom also is of the race of gods.



Her closest ally in times predating the events of Primal. He pledged undying allegiance to Order and thus Arella. Having fought a great battle for Arella, it resulted in his capture and torment at the hands of Belahzur, he was never seen in that form again, presumed perished.


Her current loyal servant who retrieves Jen from Mortalis to help balance Order and Chaos once more.


Although arrogant and often sour, Arella sees fantastic potential in Jen, recruiting her to the world of Oblivion to help set things right - for she was born half demon, half mortal and it is her destiny as foretold by Arella herself.


  • Arella's name is Hebrew for Angel.