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Biographical information
Realm Aquis
Alignment Order
Behind the scenes
Appears in Primal

The Undine (アンダイン, Andain) are the race native to Aquis. They are allied with Order.

Undine Race

Able to communicate telepathically, the Undine prosper only because of the complex water purification machines they rely on. This humanoid race is perfectly adapted to life underwater with efficient gills and fins that power them through the shadowy depths. They resemble what those in Mortalis would refer to as mermaids.

Undine Society

Elegant and cultured, the Undine strive for Order throughout Aquis. But the taint of Chaos has reached even here with bizarre mutations roaming the depths of Aquis. Even Adaro, the King of the Undine has not escaped - and in his madness, he is planning to sacrifice his Queen Aino to the gods of the sea.

It's noted that the Undine race are significantly advanced as a people opposed to the other races of Oblivion with significantly advanced machines and lifestyle not common in other realms.

Notable Undine

Enemy Undine

Jen's Undine Aspect

The second form obtained by Jen, the Undine aspect is useless above water, prolonged use of which will reduce Jen's demonic health to one, where she can be killed in a single strike. While underwater, her health replenishes automatically, and she gains blue energy tentacles to strike enemies from a distance. This is the only aspect which regenerates instantly, as a majority of the realm's journey is spent underwater, and Scree is unavailable. The Undine form also offers instant telepathy, allowing the player to interact with Scree instantly. The color of her energy in this form is blue.