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Biographical information
Occupation Musician, Abaddon's Chosen
Realm Mortalis
Alignment Chaos
Race Human/demon hybrid
Gender Male
Age Early twenties
Family Jen (girlfriend)
Allies Belahzur, Abaddon
Enemies Arella, Scree, Jen
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Eric Loren
Appears in Primal
"We pay that leech of a landlord some of what we owe... but then, we carry on the party..."

Lewis (ルイス, Ruisu) is Jen's boyfriend and one of the primary antagonists in Primal.


Twenty One Years Previously

Like Jen, Lewis hasn't had the most auspicious start in life - he was tragically orphaned as a young child. Lewis was then abducted as an infant, along with Jen by Abaddon's servants from the realm of Mortalis. It was here that Lewis was altered so that he would become something unique - a demon/human hybrid. It wasn't long however, before the forces of Order brought the two younglings back to Mortalis, for many years since, nothing seemed strange in Lewis' life.

The Present Day

Fate brings Lewis and Jen together once again and the two begin to date, barely even realising that they'd met once long ago as infants. Two years later, Lewis has formed an up and coming Industrial Rock band and is ever confident with his musical career thanks to his girlfriend's can-do attitude. Through his music, Lewis can feel truly liberated, and with Jen's encouragement, success seems not so distant a dream. However it's his ability to dream that spirals Lewis' life out of control. Just lately Lewis has been having really bad nightmares, dreams that make no sense, dreams that he can't even begin to explain to Jen. Not long after at one of Lewis' concerts, he spots an odd looking character amoungst the crowd who strikes fear right into his soul. After the gig, as Jen and himself discuss future plans, the two of them are ambushed by Belahzur which results in his capture and her hospitalisation.

Lewis is then taken by Abaddon himself and the Lord of Chaos once more works an evil influence over his very soul. It is up to Jen to save him thereafter.

The battle that entails once Jen and Lewis finally meet having almost set the balance of the Nexus right again - is one of woe. As Abdizur battles Belahzur in the Nexus chamber and defeats his evil wrath, a similar destiny is spun for Lewis. Deceased, Jen is told by Abdizur and Arella that one may still make it back to life if cast off into the Well of Nexus. Abdizur gains Jen's consent and casts Lewis' body away into the unknown.

Behind the scenes


Lewis' name tracks through various derivations to mean: "Fame and War", "Famous Warrior." Lewis represents fame (in his band), war (in his alliance with Chaos and of course warrior (as he fights Jen).