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Biographical information
Realm Nexus
Race Embodiment of Chaos
Gender Male
Allies Belahzur, Lewis, Wraith, Djinn
Enemies Arella, Scree, Jen, Ferai, Undine
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Colin McFarlane
Appears in Primal
"Your fight is at an end. You may not pass."

Abaddon (アバドン, Abadon) is the embodied force of Chaos; the evil. He is supported by the demons of Aetha and Volca realms. Some years previously, Abaddon masterminded an attempt to use innocent parties to gain the advantage over Order. But his plans were thwarted and his nefarious ambition never realised. Many years later Abaddon has decided the time has come to put his evil machinations into action once more.

Abaddon's physiology

Abaddon is an immortal form which possesses no solid, physical form. His elemental manifestations are of pain and suffering; consisting of burning ashes and malign swarms of buzzing flies.



His right hand man, one of the most feared demons in all of the four realms.

King Iblis

Ruler of the Volca Realm. Also an immortal who works closely with Abaddon to make sure that the balance of power remains with Chaos permanently.


Violently kidnapped and tainted by the forces of Chaos, it is Lewis who will help bring the destruction of Oblivion.


  • Abaddon's name comes from the fallen angel of the same name, who has titles such as: "A place of destruction", "The Destroyer", "Depths of Hell". Abaddon therefore is both an entity and location in biblical and mythological texts. Some Biblical scholars believe Abaddon to be the anti-christ or Satan himself.