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Primal 2 was the proposed sequel to the action-adventure videogame, Primal. A cutscene at the end of Primal's credits suggested that the story was left open for a potential sequel set in the Primal universe.


In 2005, Paul Donovan (former senior programmer at SCEE Cambridge) posted in a Usenet newsgroup that the developers had once started working on some ideas for a sequel to Primal. Donovan commented that they had completed some prototypes of some new gameplay features. The developers then received the license to make a videogame adaptation of the television show, 24, this in turn ceased the development of Primal 2, and all focus was diverted to 24: The Game.[1]

In a 2012 PlayStation.Blog post written by Chris Sorrell (the creative director of Primal), Mark Gibbons (the lead artist behind Primal) expanded upon the comments Paul Donovan made in 2005. Gibbons confirmed that once Primal had been finished, there was some preliminary work made upon a sequel. Gibbons also revealed some of what Primal 2's story would have been about; that it would have featured Jen's lover Lewis as the central character, and would have told the story of Lewis' journey through Oblivion's version of Hell, back to Jen in Mortalis.[2]

Gibbons' mention of a sequel captivated fans' interest within the blog's comment section. Chris Sorrell then decided to satisfy readers by providing a more in-depth look at what Primal 2 would have featured. Sorrell confirmed that one take included Lewis as a protagonist, however, another idea that was explored would have had Jen as protagonist, but with the story taking place in Mortalis, rather than Oblivion and would have seen Oblivion demons, such as Jared, making their way to our world:

"If there were to be a Primal 2 it should feature Jen. …Well I do agree with that one. Further to the comments by Mark, yes we did explore a Primal 2 with Lewis as a lead character. We also explored another take that had Jen as lead and centred on the notion that the demons of Oblivion had found a way through into our world. That one had some cool imagery that I recall – Jen in a flowing leather coat riding a spike-wheeled moto-X bike, Prince Jared driving to Jen’s rescue in an ice-cream truck (garbled music blaring) and sub-way tunnels teeming with spider-like Wraith mutants."
― Chris Sorrell on Primal 2[2]


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