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Jennifer Tate
Biographical information
Occupation Waitress, Arella's Chosen
Realm Mortalis
Alignment Order
Race Hybrid
Gender Female
Age 21
Family Lewis (boyfriend)
Allies Scree, Arella
Enemies Belahzur, Abaddon, Lewis
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Hudson Leick
Appears in Primal
"I just jumped outta my skin, left my body in some hospital, been dragged through a riff gate... And I'm in Oblivion. Vambrace? Not a problem."
― Jen, not long after entering the Nexus.

Jennifer Tate, or Jen (ジェン, Jen), as she likes to be known, was a waitress in New York City. One night, she and her boyfriend Lewis were attacked by a minion of Abaddon, known as Belahzur. When Jennifer was born, her powers were sealed within her soul. But when Lord Herne had emitted the Solum Energy from his pendant, it was immediately absorbed by Jen, awakening and unlocking her magical talents, as Jen took the form of the Ferai.


Jen was abducted from her home as a baby, her parents were killed during this incident. Growing up in a string of foster homes, fate brought her her soul mate, Lewis, almost two years ago. Since then, they have been living together, two souls more alike than either can quite comprehend. She is currently twenty-one years old, and works as a waitress. Her plan is to earn money in order to put herself through college.



Jen has a tattoo that was designed by her boyfriend Lewis after they met. He told her it was an ancient rune of protection.


Jen has a short temper and a sharp tongue, but is compassionate as well. Although her short temper can get the best of her sometimes (e.g. she snaps during her second meeting with Arella after leaving Aquis, when Scree tells Jen that there's more still to do in Oblivion), her heart is in the right place (such as when, in Aquis, she refuses to let a trapped Undine engineer get killed).


Electrical Emission

Jen, as Undine form can emit and project electric arcs from her hands, which can be used as a shield or as long electric strands to stab and whip opponents.

Energy Absorption

Jen, as any form can absorb energies transmuted from Scree's astral energy source which refills Jen's health or boosts her powers.

Terrathermal Emission

Jen, as Ferai form, can emit earth energized claws and use them as powerful hand-to-hand weapons. She can also run much more quickly than in other forms, and jump to higher, previously out of reach areas.

Temporal Delay

Jen, as Wraith form, can dilate time, causing Jen to speed up, and time to delay and slow down. She can also form an electric-based whip and short sword as weapons.

Igneous Weaponry

Jen, as Djinn form, can create blazing weapons made of fire to use against the rock creatures of Volca. She can create two smaller dual-wielded swords, or one massive two-handed sword and switch easily between the two.