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Biographical information
AKA Rocky
Occupation Servant of Arella
Realm Nexus (Volca)
Alignment Order
Race Demon
Gender Male
Allies Arella, Jen
Enemies Abaddon, Belahzur
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Andreas Katsulas
Appears in Primal
"You're not dead yet, Jennifer. But if you don't be quiet and listen to me you soon will be."

Scree (スクリー, Sukurī) is a gargoyle who inhabits the world of Oblivion and is a loyal servant to Arella. Although small in stature, he is indispensale to Jen as she journeys through the four realms of Oblivion. Within his small physical form are many outstanding qualities, not least an indomitable spirit, stamina, and much wisdom and experience which he imparts to his human companion, Jen. He is able to throw agitators off the scent by turning himself into a stone form.


Before Primal

Scree has often served as a spy for Arella, due to his ability to transform into stone, he has been able to infiltrate both Aetha and Volca strongholds to gather information prior to the events in Primal.

His greatest nemesis is that of Belahzur, who he holds great hatred and anger for. As is Belahzur Abaddon's right hand man, Scree is Arella's and past history between the two has always been heated and aggressive.


Through his venture with Jen, Scree appeared as loyal and noble, welcoming new challenges and obstacles – though through his journey, he was often exposed to situations of which he had no prior experience. But his confident, philosophical nature never allowed him to lose his belief that he and Jen would succeed in their challenge, even though he constantly felt frustrated by both the physical limitations of his size and Jen's impulsive tendencies. However, having explored the four realms of Oblivion with Jen, he eventually was able to shred his little stone avatar of a gargoyle and presented to Jen his true form – Abdizur. He explained he was defeated by Abaddon and managed to transfer his remaining energy into a small familiar gargoyle shape a long time ago.


Scree is the second playable character in the game. He can climb certain types of walls and can turn himself into stone to help Jen through the course of the game. He can also transfer his spirit into machines and statues that are made of the same stone as himself, making them accessible for use.

Behind the scenes


Scree was voiced by Andreas Katsulas, who played G'Kar in the live action TV series, Babylon 5 and the one-armed man in the Harrison Ford movie, The Fugitive. Unfortunately Katsulas passed away on February 13, 2006.