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Biographical information
Realm Aetha
Alignment Chaos
Behind the scenes
Appears in Primal

The Wraith (レイス, Reisu) are a race native to Aetha. They are aligned with Chaos.

Wraith Race

Aetha is home to the deadly Wraith, a vamparic race that feast on others. There is little doubt that the Wraith sympathise with Chaos. The evil Count Raum and his vain consort Countess Empusa exemplify the evil that pervades the Wraith Upper Classes. Recently they have taken their sadistic pleasures to depraved extremes; demanding blood sacrifices from the starving slum dwellers.

Wraith Society

These fearsome and cadaverous beings have created a warped aristocratic society, with the ruling Wraith class living a life of opulence and excess while the peasants live in filth and squalor. Unsurprisingly the ruling class are selfish and evil, throwing lavish masked balls within sight of the starving masses.

Notable Wraith

Enemy Wraith

Jen's Wraith Aspect

The third aspect obtained by Jen, the Wraith form offers melee combat from afar, utilizing a purple energy whip and main-gauche to inflict damage on the vampiric Wraith. While in this form, Jen can also utilize the Time-Shift ability, which allows her to briefly slow time.

The color of her energy in this form is purple.