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The Valkyrie are a Wraith warrior class from Aetha and act as Count Raum's guards. Their heavy armor and weapons make them dangerous foes.


The Valkyrie are a caste of Wraith soldiers who have the Wraith ability to flit.

Jen must depend on her speed, whip, and wits to defeat the Valkyrie. While much of the combat can perhaps be avoided with Jen's ability to slow time as a Wraith, some guards must be defeated to gain necessary items.

Variants of Valkyrie

  • Valeera is the captain who is in command of the Valkyrie.
  • Silver and Black Valkyries with gold tassel on their helmet point.
  • Red and Black Valkyries with red breastplate and greaves, red tassel.
  • Valkyrie Door Wardens: These are equipped with a morning-star and a heavy shield. They are slow but powerful, so stand off and attack them with the whip. Wraith Dodge from side to side to set them up for the heavy whip strike.
  • Valkyrie Rifleman: The final guard for the Blood Machine and fire bullets from a distance. They are also deadly in close-quarter combat and use both the rifle butt and twin bayonets when attacking.

Combating the Valkyrie

  • Jen's best tactic is frequent use of the Wraith Dodge to get her opponents off guard for a heavy strike with the whip.
  • When mobbed, hit and run tactics with the Wraith Dodge to whittle done a single foe with minimal damage in return.
  • Use the Wraith Dodge to dash in for a Finishing Move on a stunned opponent, as they recover quickly.
  • Against a single opponent careful timing with the heavy whip, a hard press of R2, enables Jen to stand her ground and defeat the enemy with no damage.


  • Their name comes from the Valkyrie, female warrior angels in Norse mythology.