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Biographical information
Occupation Queen of the Undine
Realm Aquis
Alignment Order
Race Undine
Gender Female
Family Adaro (husband)
Allies Jen, Scree
Enemies Belahzur
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Nicola Goodchild
Appears in Primal
"A malady has fallen upon our people, a terrible plague of the body and mind. Almost all of my people have succumbed. But not I..."

Aino (アイーノ, Aīno) is the Queen of the Undine in Aquis.


Scree meets Aino first in The Temple. She's in the process of being sacrificed to the Leviathans - the Undine gods of the sea. King Adaro, her husband and current King of Aquis, has decided sacrificing her to the gods would help reverse the taint of the water. Scree convinces Aino that there are other methods and Aino gives unto Scree Jen's Undine aspect. Jen then being able to swim the the waters of Aquis, embarks on a mission from Aino to cleanse the waters of Aquis from a toxin which was what had caused her husband to make such a rash decision of sacrifice.

Having killed her husband and cleansed the waters, Aino once more presents herself to Jen and Scree claiming that she is grateful for their service and that more Undine than she realised had survived in hidden lagoons elsewhere in the realm. It is assumed that Queen Aino is then the leading authority figure in the realm, due to her husband's loss.


  • The name "Aino", meaning "the only one" in Finnish, was invented by Elias Lönnrot who composed the Kalevala. In the epic poem, she is a beautiful girl who drowns herself rather than marry the elderly Väinämöinen. In the game, Queen Aino permits her husband to drown her in air as a sacrifice to reverse the taint in the water.