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Biographical information
Occupation General of the armies of Order
Realm Nexus
Alignment Order
Race Demon
Gender Male
Allies Arella, Jen
Enemies Abaddon, Belahzur
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Andreas Katsulas
Appears in Primal
"There is no other hope. Do I have your blessing?"

Abdizur (アブディズール, Abudizūru) is Arella's defender and General of the armies of Order.


Ancient History

Abdizur was a powerful but good demon who was a loyal and fearless defender of Arella. He was once General of the armies of Order, Abdizur was that rare combination of physical strength and charm and eloquence. It was his expansive experience and military know-how that Arella relied on and his wisdom, pride and noble attitude hint that he was in fact hundreds, if not thousands, of years old.

Twenty Years Previously

The goddess Arella commanded Abdizur to embark on a rescue mission to save two Human infants from the grasp of Abaddon, Lord of Chaos, who had taken them from the realm of Mortalis. Abdizur successfully infiltrated the Chaos realm of Volca and took both infants from Abaddon's clutches. However, they had already been tainted. The only way to prevent them from being used to unbalance the forces of Order and Chaos was to hide them in Mortalis. Abdizur did so, however upon return to Oblivion was captured and tortured by Belahzur. This last selfless act meant he was never seen again by Arella and his armies soon became nothingness.


With one of the infants, now fully grown, once more taken by Chaos; Abdizur (currently in the form of a small gargoyle) recruits the other infant in the world of Mortalis.

Acting as her mentor - Scree, the two embark on an adventure through Oblivion to stop the forces of Chaos. Once in Volca, Scree manages to convert his soul back into the dormant and tortured body of Abdizur he had left behind many years ago. With Abdizur's help, the two manage to tilt the balance of Chaos and Order back into an equilibrium.