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Biographical information
Realm Volca
Alignment Chaos
Behind the scenes
Appears in Primal

 The Djinn (ジン, Jin) are the race native to Volca. They are aligned with Chaos.

Djinn Race

The Djinn are quite possibly the strangest of Oblivion's inhabitants. Their bodies are formed from a living metal and their physiognomy is linked directly to the rhythms of the volcano; when it is dormant they are at their weakest, and as it builds towards the violent eruption this is where the Djinn feel at their most enpowered.

Djinn Society

They are physically and magically powerful and competition for favour in the royal court is vicious and deadly. The leader of the Djinn, King Iblis, is an immortal who works closely with the evil Abaddon to ensure the balance of power remains with Chaos... permanently.

Notable Djinn

Enemy Djinn

Jen's Djinn Aspect

The fourth and final form obtained by Jen, the Djinn form gives Jen incredible power with two fire blades, which can be fused together to create a single blade of immense power. The color of her energy in this form is red/orange.