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Biographical information
Occupation General of the Chaos armies
Realm Nexus
Alignment Chaos
Race Demon
Gender Male
Allies Abaddon, Lewis
Enemies Arella, Abdizur, Scree, Jen
Behind the scenes
Voiced by N/A
Appears in Primal
"That's Belahzur, a demon of chaos, Abaddon's most lethal killer. Where he travels, pain and suffering will surely follow."
Scree on Belahzur

Belahzur (ベラーズール, Berāzūru) is Abaddon's right-hand man and General of the Chaos armies. One of the most feared demons in Oblivion, he possesses fearsome capabilities which he eagerly demonstrates in his position as general of the Chaos armies.

Abilities and Appearance

Belahzur, much like Scree has the power to enter the realm of Mortalis, where he sets off the events of Primal by reabducting Lewis in a violent manner, Chaos needs Lewis to bring the destruction of order. Whilst in Mortalis, Belahzur skins a vagrant to take on a human form. Physically, this body is noticably larger than the average human, it's face and structure are almost reminscent of Frankenstein and it's eyes are an evil glow of red.

Whilst not in this form, Belahzur takes on an appearance that looks somewhat more demonic, with spikey spines protruding from his back, multiple sets of jaws and a toad-like texture to it's skin and face.