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Volca is the volcanic realm aligned with chaos and home to the Djinn.


A wasted landscape of sand and rock form the realm of Volca. An endless scorched desert, the burning horizon is dominated by a vast volcano.

This realms occupants are the Djinn race. The Djinn are quite possibly the strongest of Oblivion's inhabitants and the very essence of chaos; Scree mentions that "Abbadon doesn't have to lift a finger here". Djinn bodies are formed from a living metal and resemble animals that would usually be portrayed as Egyptian gods. Djinn physiognomy is linked directly to the rhythms of the volcano; when it is dormant, they are at their weakest. However, it is when the volcano builds towards its violent eruption that the Djinn feel at their most empowered.


  • Main Shaft
  • Chalice of Sut
  • Sanctuary of Immolata
  • Goliath Sanctum

Creatures found in Volca

Although emphasis is upon the Djinn, there are many other animals to be found in the realm of Volca, some of which are encountered directly whilst others are harder to find.


  • Volca's architecture is very similar to that of the Aztec and ancient Egyptian civilizations.

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