Primal:Queen Devena

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Biographical information
Occupation Queen of the Ferai
Realm Solum (Imposter - Unknown)
Alignment Order (Imposter - Chaos)
Race Ferai (Imposter - Unknown)
Gender Female
Family Herne (husband), Jared (son)
Allies Imposter - Belahzur, Lewis
Enemies Imposter - Jen, Scree
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Eve Karpf
Appears in Primal
"Now, what brings outsiders to the Ferai court? If you're looking for the King, I think he has other things on his mind..."

Queen Devena (デヴィーナ, Devuīna) was the wife of King Herne, who was a great political power before Solum fell into Chaos.


Before the events of Primal and the fall of Solum, Queen Devena was the wife of King Herne. She was a kind and well respected figure. One of her acts of kindness was to outlaw the barbaric coliseum hunts.

However when Solum began to fall apart under the rule of Chaos, she made less public appearances. When Jen and Scree came to Solum, their first appearance of her saw her brutally execute a Shaman. Scree is greatly disturbed by this and comments it couldn't possibly be her.

Once the two companions free her son, Jared, who was kidnapped and imprisoned, he reveals something truly horrifying. The Devena they saw was no other than an imposter, "a shapeshifter not born of Solum" had taken the persona of Devena. When King Herne reached the height of his power she kidnapped Jared whilst he was on a hunt which meant King Herne couldn't abdicate and pass his kingship onto his son, resulting in Solum's gradual destruction. Meanwhile the real Devena, according to Jared, was held in a chamber near where they found him.

When Jen, Scree and Jared reached the chamber the real Devena was held in, they found only a still body. Scree quickly suggests to cremate the real Queen's body, which would reveal the imposter. As the body of the Queen became ash, the imposter began to fragment and fall to pieces as it's spell fell apart. Herne tells his son that his mother and himself will forever watch over him as he destroys the Imposter and himself.



Devena is one of the only female Ferai shown in Solum when Jen and Scree explore with the exception of a Ferai woman in the Kitchen. She is a fine example of how gender varies a Ferai. Her horns are more feminine and petite, much like Jen's when she is in Ferai form. Her attire is rich with colour and elegance displaying many fine furs and makeup is shown dabbed on her face around the eyes.