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Biographical information
Occupation Prince of Solum (later King)
Realm Solum
Alignment Order
Race Ferai
Gender Male
Family Herne (father), Devena (mother)
Allies Jen, Scree
Enemies Devena, Belahzur
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Sean Pertwee
Appears in Primal
"My friend, I am truly grateful for your help. I can sense your strength, even if you do not have the look of a warrior."

Prince Jared (ジャレド, Jaredo) is the son of King Herne and Queen Devena.


When Jen and Scree first come to Solum, they come to realise that Prince Jared has gone missing. They find out that Jared must become King and his father, King Herne, must perform an abdication via suicide in order to pass the throne, as is told by Ferai law. However Jared is no where to be seen.

Having looked across the Hunt Lands, they discover Jared trapped in the Necropolis. He explains that he was trapped by an imposter who had taken the guise of his mother - Queen Devena, whilst he was hunting one day. The imposter did so in order to prevent Jared from becoming King and to throw the balance of Order into Chaos in the once orderly Solum. It is here that Jared presents a possible admiration for Jen, which Scree takes note of.

Jared stays in his chamber pretending to be still chained up in order to fool those who had captured him until Jen and Scree found a means of entering the chamber near by and rescuing his real mother. When a means is found, Jared teams up with Jen in her Ferai form and the two take down a great many Ferai guards in order to get to Jared's mother. When they reach the chamber, they find her dead - with only the imposter remaining alive.

King Herne eventually shows up and helps to rid the kingdom of chaos' evil grip by taking himself and the imposter over the edge of a cliff to their deaths below. Prince Jared then effective immediately becomes King and order is restored.



Jared wears hunting clothes, possibly due to the fact he was kidnapped whilst on the hunt, but there's nothing to suggest this isn't his usual attire. It comprises of a wolf pelt upon his back and shoulder, leather body armor and a cape made from rough material.

One of his horns is notably missing and it is Jen who discovers it early on in her arrival in Solum.

Upon first glance, Jared truly seems to be a Ferai of notable strength and power by his height and size. Later on, when seen towering over Jen in the final battle, his father - Herne approaches, showing how small Jared is in comparison to his father and almost making him look child-like.

Behind the scenes


He is voiced by Sean Pertwee, known for voicing Colonel Radec in the Killzone franchise.


Jared's name means 'descent'. Jared is the son (descendant) of King Herne.