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King Adaro
Biographical information
Occupation King of Aetha
Realm Aquis
Alignment Order (poisoned by Chaos)
Race Undine
Gender Male
Family Aino (wife)
Allies Tritons
Enemies Jen, Scree
Behind the scenes
Voiced by N/A
Appears in Primal
"It was King Adaro's decree. My husband was one of the first to fall to the plague. I am prepared for my fate, Scree."
― Aino on her husband's fate

Adaro (アダーロ, Adāro) was the King of the aquatic realm of Aquis.


Like his wife, Aino, he was once benevolent, fair, just and wise, however, his mind was polluted by the chaotic toxins placed in the water, thus turning him mad. His madness led him to plan a religious sacrifice of Queen Aino to the Undine gods, in order to purify the waters of Aquis. Adaro is not inherently chaotic, nor evil, therefore does not ally himself with Abaddon, instead he is misguided in his judgements, being used as a tool by the chaotic god.

Jen fights against him and kills him in order to restore the balance to Aquis.