Primal:Finishing Move

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Finishing Moves are somewhat brutal moves that Jen uses to kill her opponents. Each form usually has two.


  1. Jen stabs the stunned enemy in the head, pushing them down and killing them.
  2. Jen slashes her enemy, knocking them down, and then slashes them on the back, killing them.


  1. Jen viciously slashes her opponent, growling during the last one. She then punches the now dying enemy in the chest while roaring, both stabbing them and throwing them back.
  2. Jen roars and pounces on her victim, stabbing them in the chest with both claws.
  3. Jen climbs on top of her opponent, stabbing them three times in the head. Note: This is usable on the Glakk.


  1. Jen grabs the opponent with her electric current, pulling them toward her, and electrocutes them, shutting down their heart.
  2. Jen climbs on top of her opponent, and electrocutes them three times in the head.This is only usable on a Glakk.


  1. Jen hits her opponent, and wraps her whip around  their leg, she then pulls them toward her and stabs them three times.
  2. Jen backhands her enemy, knocking them over, and then proceeds to stab them twice.


  1. Jen swings her swords twice, slashing the Djinn, and then jumps and combines her swords into one before slashing down.
  2. Jen slams her swords down on her opponent's head.