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Biographical information
Occupation Countess of Aetha
Realm Aetha
Race Wraith
Gender Female
Family Raum (husband), Elizabeth (daughter)
Allies Abaddon, Belahzur, Lewis
Enemies Arella, Scree, Jen
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Nicola Goodchild
Appears in Primal

Countess Empusa was the wife of Count Raum. She was a Wraith of incredibly high-standing, and mother to Primal:Elizabeth.


We are first introduced to the Countess and her husband as they utilise their wraith time bending abilities to hover into the market square in order to collect their sacrifice.

From the offset Empusa is clearly a proud and snobbish aristocrat (as most wraith are, with the exception of the ghost duke) boasting that the helot are awaiting a 'glimpse of their masters' and referring to them as 'vermin'. Oddly however, Empusa appears slightly more merciful than her husband in this scene, opting to give the inferior helot a quick death rather than torture and mutilation (as suggested by Raum 'plucking an eyeball' as a toy for Elizabeth.)

Empusa is next seen in the ballroom, angrily interrupting her daughter's dancing and demanding an explanation. She cruelfully derides her daughter's attempts at being graceful: spinning around like a fat little pig!. When Elizabeth tells her mother she hates her, Empusa's tone briefly softens as she tells Elizabeth she is at least ' a good little wraith'. However this is short lived as she tells Elizabeth she is unsightly, everybody hates her and she wishes she had never been born, reducing Elizabeth to tears. Empusa shrugs this off and sighs children. However one could argue that hatred and affection are one in the same in Aetha and Empusa is acting as a traditional wraith mother.


In Greek mythology Empusa was a demigoddess who, similar to succubi and vampires, seduced men as they slept and then drank their blood and ate their flesh.