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The Array is a machine that contains all the ghosts captured by Lazarus within it. It is located in the basement of Montsaye High School.


The Array becomes inacessible after a certain point in the game, as Lazarus never returns to the basement. Thankfully, programmer Steven Tattersall kindly provided screenshots of all the ghosts in the array on his personal blog.[1]


  1. "Paul de Vrijer sent a nice mail the other day, asking why you couldn't see the ghosts in the array after about the ship (can't remember which level). Anyway, it seemed to waste the code and art that was in the game, so I took screenshots of all the ghosts, and here they are:" — Steven Tattersall, Ghosthunter - Array Pictures on Accreted Drivel. Published December 7, 2004. Retrieved July 18, 2023.