Ghosthunter:Bertie Fortesque

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Bertie Fortesque
Biographical information
Died Before 1945[note 1]
Family Colonel Freddie Fortesque (brother)
Sir Daniel Fortesque (possible relative)
Behind the scenes
Appears in Ghosthunter
"Super. Well, I'll call my men off pronto - nothing worse than friendly fire. As Nanny used to say: 'Don't bash Bertie, he's your brother!'"
― Colonel Freddie mentions his brother.

Bertie Fortesque[note 2] was the brother of Colonel Freddie Fortesque.


Bertie and his brother were raised by a Nanny. Freddie used to bash him, which is something he was reprimanded for.


  1. His brother Freddie is said to be the "last of the Fortesque line," so it is likely Bertie died before Freddie did. Bertie could be the Fortesque who died at the Battle of Dunkirk mentioned by Freddie, but this is not confirmed.
  2. It is unknown whether Bertie is his given name or a nickname.