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Colonel Freddie Fortesque
Biographical information
AKA Captain Fortesque
Colonel of 3RHA (? - 1945)
Gender Male
Born c. 1878
Died 1945
Family Bertie Fortesque (brother)
Sir Daniel Fortesque (possible relative)
Shock Jumps Card stats
Type Ghost
Fear factor 2
Size 5'1''
Armament 1
Intelligence 6
Hunting skill 3
Age 67
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Michael Cochrane
Appears in Ghosthunter
"Last of the Fortesque line. The Colonel led his men to a watery grave. He fights on in death in the vain hope of one day tasting victory."
― Official in-game description.

Colonel Freddie Fortesque (c. 1878 – 1945) was a soldier of the British Army, which he joined to fight for Britain like his predecessors. He met his demise in 1945 while carrying the spoils of war to the King on the HMS Victoria. He continued fighting the good fight even in death, until his ghost was captured and placed into the Array by a ghosthunter.


"Pish and Baloney, the Fortesque family have been fighting, man and boy, for old 'Blighty' for over 1000 years, and we've never let a little thing like death get in the way of a good scrap. Why there's a Fortesque on every battlefield in the civilized world, Agincourt, dead, Waterloo, dead, Dunkirk, dead..."
― Colonel Freddie, Ghosthunter

After leaving a haunted school building, Lazarus, a ghosthunter, ended up on a ghost ship. As he progressed to the ship's bridge, he met Colonel Fortesque.

The Colonel was quick to explain that he and his men were British soldiers who died carrying the spoils of war to the King in 1945, their death the result of a fight against Captain Kraken and his crew over the Dagger of Poseidon, a cursed treasure recovered from the nazis. Freddie himself killed Kraken during the struggle by stabbing him with the Dagger, but not before Kraken decapitated him with a cleaver.

Even in death, Freddie and his men continued to fight Kraken, who had absorbed his crew and became a ghostly sea monster. The fight was finally over when the Professor, another ghosthunter, captured the Kraken. However, Kraken reappeared a few years later due to Lazarus’ accidental release of all ghosts the Professor had captured.

Lazarus eventually managed to defeat and recapture Kraken with Freddie's help. He also felt obligated to capture Freddie and his men afterwards, as they were ghosts as well.





Behind the scenes


Colonel Freddie was created as a tribute to Sir Daniel Fortesque.[1]


In English, Colonel Freddie was voiced by Michael Cochrane.

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