Ghosthunter:Day 18

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A dispatch recorded by Colonel Freddie Fortesque. Found on the HMS Victoria.


Day 18,

Storm clouds gathering, ocean tossing, and I've a bloody civvy at the helm!

Who or what is this godforsaken Captain Kraken?

Never liked the look of him! Should have known he was rotten, third day at sea, he refused a friendly game of deck quiots!

Shuffles about the blasted bridge as if he owns the place, his fat puss-ridden face looming, his one bulging eye peering up at you.

Blighter sat out the war, naturally - bloody coward!

Comes out of the woodwork now to steer a shipful of gold!

Ha! Keeps on and on about seeing the cargo - doesn't seem to understand the term 'Top Secret'!

Bad Egg.

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