Ghosthunter:Day 21,240

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A dispatch recorded by Colonel Freddie Fortesque. Found on the HMS Victoria.


Day 21,240.

Raise the flag and your tankards - it's over!

Been quite a long haul, I won't deny, but at last the beast is gone!

At our wits end, and nearly done for, when along comes a Yank, some sort of stowaway, I can only imagine.

Well, I shan't court-martial him for that, because he turned out to be the finest soldier I've ever had the privilege to serve with.

The Professor, we called him, what a military mind - and weaponry to make the Royal Artillery blush!

Nabbed the beast single-handedly, and now he's gone... and it's gone... without so much as a by your leave.

I await instructions and won't let the lads get de-mob happy, our mission goes on - Protect His Majesty's gold.

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