Ghosthunter:Captains log 2

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We are doomed. 'Gold', he said. 'Some statue', he said. We are at sea with The Dagger of Poseidon!
What madness let them take it within a hundred miles of a dock? And then to smuggle it across a gangplank!! And I... oblivious to it all... commanded the vessel to sea.
I am doomed, my ship is doomed.
The Dagger of Poseidon - occult wonder of immaculate gold. Legendary berth for the angry spirit of every mariner awash with the devil - and never, never once, shipped without tragedy.
Coveted by emperors, princes, pirates and mutineers... a treasure without parallel, but darkness lurking in its glittering gold. The Nazis had it last, and they are sunk. And so, what now?
I didn't volunteer to risk my life. They made that choice for me, and now I make my own. The Dagger of Poseidon will belong to Captain Kraken.

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