Ghosthunter:Captains log 3

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The storm rages about us and I pen this unsteady entry as my last deed before we attack. My crew are with me, every last one a true god of the sea.
All dogs for the whipping, of course, with no love for me or one another, mistrustful, deadly even in a dispute over cards, but they know the laws of the ocean. This captain will be obeyed.
An army has no place aboard ship, and these khaki gorillas have supped and lounged while my sailors toiled.
The soldiers claim that after the horrors they've seen in the war, they're entitled to take their ease.
I know nothing of that, but I know they're in for a new war now. My crew will gladly attack and fight to the death, while I head straight for The Dagger of Poseidon.
No one will be manning the bridge in these treacherous seas. Let the battle be short, then, and may the curse within The Dagger not strike too soon.
Three bells will toll and then what will be, will be.

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