Ghosthunter:Anna Steele

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Anna Steele
Biographical information
Gender Female
Born c. 1972
Weapon(s) Glock 17
Shock Jumps Card stats
Type Human
Fear factor 1
Size 5'7''
Armament 3
Intelligence 8
Hunting skill 4
Age 31
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Nan McNamara
Appears in Ghosthunter
"Whilst investigating a 'disturbance' at Montsaye High School, Anna is kidnapped by the recently released spirit of Hawksmoor."
Shock Jumps Card Description

Anna Steele is a character in Ghosthunter. Anna was assigned to be Lazarus Jones' partner whilst investigating the Detroit School Murders cold case. She was promptly taken by Sir William Hawksmoor which leads Lazarus to search for her.


"“As senior officer, Anna takes rookie cop Lazarus Jones under her wing. But on a routine inspection at the abandoned Montsaye High School building, Anna comes face to face with her worst nightmares.”"
― Game Booklet Description


A member of the Detroit Police Department, Anna is partnered with new officer Lazarus Jones to investigate the Montsaye High School murders that occurred two years prior, in which ten students were killed.



Anna is a dark-skinned woman with green eyes and straight auburn hair in a bob style. She wears a lilac zip-up jacket with white stripes along the arms and chest, and a police badge attached to the left breast. Under it is an orange polo-neck jumper, along with lime green bootcut trousers and brown boots.


Anna is serious and focused, with little time for jokes, although is also fairly relaxed and mature when it comes to her work. She has a sarcastic manner and teases Lazarus for not being familiar with murder cases, although genuinely cares for his safety. She is dismissive of the calls from the demolition crew working on Montsaye High School mentioning hearing voices and seeing strange things, and confused by the supernatural events happening around her. She is frightened by Hawksmoor and his fusing with her body. Controlled by him throughout the adventure, she sometimes has her personality suppressed and becomes his mindless doll.


Supranormal Sight

Due to being fused with Hawksmoor, Anna is capable of seeing ghosts.


Anna is a variation of Hannah, an English name derived from the Hebrew name חַנָּה (Channah) meaning "favour, grace". In the Old Testament this is the name of the wife of Elkanah. Steele is an occupational name for a steelworker, from the Old English stele meaning "steel".


  • “There’s nothing to shoot.”
  • “Montsaye High? Two years ago, the Detroit School murders? Made the nationals - you probably didn’t get it in the Kalamazoo Gazette.”
  • “What are you?… Where… where are you?”
  • “You know his luck’s got to run out soon, so get him out of there before it’s too late. Throw in someone who’s got what it takes! You hear me? Let him go and I’ll take over… okay? You don’t need both of us.”
  • “Make it a good excuse - you may need to use it again!”


  • In concept art, early trailers and screenshots for the game, Anna is shown as having a shorter, spikier hair style.