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Oakville is an area in Ghosthunter. It is the second area after completing Montsaye High School.


Now a ghost town, Oakville, Mississippi was once a functioning society. The De Montford Mining Company had been bringing large economic success to the area but employees had been angered by the 'oppressive regime' the De Montfords held.

David De Montford, the son of Lady De Montford, was a key figure in the town but was caught in a battle with 'Old Croc' whilst trying to rescue Jessie Planter from the bayou; leading to his death. In the following two years, Oakville and the De Montford Mining Company were affected heavily by David's death which led to a significant impact upon the productivity of the Mining Company and its ultimate closure.

Lady De Montford appeared to hold a great deal of animosity towards Jessie Planter and the entire Planter family, blaming them for her son's death, which made the disappearance of Jessie following his death even more suspicious.

Following the closure of the Mining Company, a dam project was passed and completed, even with protests from townspeople, resulting in the towns abandonment and the townspeople being offered accommodation elsewhere. The town inevitably left in a decayed state to previous years and a large portion of the town was submerged.





  • In Lady De Montford's mansion (prior to being transported to rescue Jessie Planter), you can use the telephone in the hallway as mentioned in the cutscene prior.
  • By entering different rooms while the torches aren't lit you can exit on the top terrace.