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For the combat soundtrack, see Primal:16Volt Combat Soundtrack.

Primal (Original soundtrack score recording)[1] is the official soundtrack for the videogame, Primal. It was composed by Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold (otherwise known as Bob & Barn) and was first released online on June 10, 2003. The score can currently be purchased from Amazon or other online retailer.


The score was written by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold, and was composed in recording sessions by Nic Raine. A 77-piece squad from the City of Prague philharmonic orchestra and 32-part chorus performed the score. The five realms of the Primal universe are each represented by a separate musical signature, with common classical influences and soprano vocal solos. Gongs, percussion, low choir and brass were used for Solum and the themes were solely for Herne and Jared. The Aquis realm contained choirs, woodwinds, high strings and two harps to instil a sense of tranquility - the main theme being for Aino. The dramatic nature of Russian music combined with emotive violin made up the Aetha soundtrack. The Volca themes were few, but consisted of a combination of Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern musical influence - the Alto Flute playing an important role.


The creative director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe stated that "Primal was an ambitious concept from Day One; an expansive story driven game presenting four unique Demonic Worlds, a host of original characters, and with an unlikely pair of protagonists driving the experience. The technical and visual challenges facing us were huge, but an equally crucial component in bringing our characters and story to life was the soundtrack." .

Andrew Barnabas said about his score: "When we were first asked to compose the music to such a dark gothic fantasy, we never thought we would get the go-ahead - or the budgets - to write what has effectively turned into a full-scale movie score. Videogames have finally come of age in musical terms. Eat your heart out John Williams." [2]


1. Opening Credits
2. Timekeeper
3. Arella's Theme
4. Love Lost
5. Jen Meets Arella
6. Raum And Empusa
7. Demon Awakes
8. Coliseum
9. Prince In Chains
10. World Of Water
11. Turbulent Depths
12. Kingdom Destroyed
13. Mad King
14. Mountain Of Suffering
15. Devil's Waltz
16. Dark Science
17. Helot
f18. Temple Of Flame
19. Hall Of Gods
20. Journey's End


The score for Primal was nominated for a BAFTA.


  • Dark Science contains elements of Strauss' Blue Danube for a somewhat off-key dreamy dance sequence.